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Established in 2007 and with more than ten years experience, Meanix Landscaping is a company which specializes in hardscaping and associated landscape installations. We are fully-insured, honest and above all... expert craftspeople.

This site will tell you everything you need to know about what we can do for you. And if you still want more, call 484.678.0019 and ask for Rob Meanix, to set up a free consultation on how we can "make your home the envy of the neighborhood".

Meanix Landscaping image

Growing up the son of a carpenter I was always surrounded by construction. Whether it was helping my father move cabinets in the shop or going to the job site with my brother on the weekends.

I took a job as a landscaper during high school. I was assigned to the hardscaping crew. I fell in love with it almost immediately. I worked for the company for about 5 years until it went out of business. I took a job with my father as a carpenter. The homebuilding/renovation field taught me invaluable lessons in construction. The raw materials might not always be the same but the principles are constant.

While working as a carpenter I was also hardscaping on the weekends. While carpentry is something I still enjoy to the day, it doesn't allow for creativity like building a dry-laid stone wall or making a concrete countertop.

In 2007 I started Meanix Landscaping. Meanix Landscaping is based in West Caln Township, with services in the surrounding townships. We specialize in hardscaping but would never shy away from creating beautiful plantings that inspire all year long.

We are a small company. I am on every project from start to finish ensuring that every detail is how it was anticipated.

Meanix Landscaping image

We work with manufacturers such as EP Henry and suppliers such as Allied Landscape to gather any type of product you can imagine. Some of the main products we install are concrete pavers, man made retaining wall block, natural stone, flagstone, concrete and granite cobblestones. We use these products to create:
• walkways
• patios
• pool decks
• driveways
• retaining walls
• concrete countertops

Other services include:
• plantings
• spring/fall cleanup
• landscape lighting
• Carpentry
• snow removal

Our skills and services are exact. The combinations and varieties available are limitless. Call us at 484.678.0019 for a free consultation.

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